A handful of "OP"s . Getting pretty good at making these- and skipping bends. They go to some fast food chains, but handfuls of neon parts can sometimes be pretty neat as an object....

The combination bends I am learning with these are pretty neat. Essentially learning to make beer sign lines. Super Advertisey...

hey can anyone out there help me find critical/theoretical writing on hardware modding? (especially on video game hardware, but any kind of consumer modification of industrially-manufactured products would work)

I know that (e.g.) Stephanie Boluk and Patrick Lemieux have studied video game modding from a software perspective, but I don't know anyone studying hardware mods in particular.

(doesn't need to be "academic," just looking for stuff beyond tutorials and enthusiast press)

(boosts ok!)

A little behind the scenes on the making of this blood red, black wrapped up coil of glass. Here it is getting oven pumped in a kiln barely big enough for it but light enough to fit on the pump table.

The bakeout is really nice- you can watch the rate of rise on the vacuum guage and up the temp in the kiln till it stops rising. Then flushing with neon a few times cleans it up✨.

I rarely get to oven pump- it can be convenient!

Awhile back there was a gallery that was going to put this in a show.... but I haven't heard back from them in months so its now part of the De-Zuck Yourself sale!

I have been wanting to make more of these fleshtone scribbles. They give off a really nice light, that you can come see in person, or for some extra money, I can use all my foam to send it to you.

A pair of tangles together- twighlight and seacrest. The twighlight is the warmest "white" tone I have used and Seacrest is the most turquoise turquoise.

These are some of the simple and cheaper tangles available. I have a bunch of Seacrest ones too- but only one or two twighlight tangles.

Message me if your interested in stopping by for a visit and see them in person. They could be yours!

Here is a rainbow of Murano glass colors filled with helium. It's an early one- and the emerald has a chunky, chewy, coppery bend in it. With the helium it gives off a nice soft warm glow.

It lit up the corner kitchen window in my old apartment- and could help light up your life too! Usually helium runs hot, this one doesn't. Message me if your interested in buying it.

Check it out- the Dr. Seuss Chartreuse Coily Wrap Thang!
I had seen David Svenson's work in books and show catalogs and always wondered- "how did he do that!?" Earlier this summer I was sitting in on his class a bit at Pilchuck Glass school where l learned! Each line of clear is wiped by hand while the tube is straight.

Ali and my studio is in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC- stop by for a visit and I will make you a latte. Message me to schedule this.

I'll be having a studio sale, the De- Zuck Yourself sale! NYC pickup from my studio- a sale and studio visit all in one!

I will be posting some things you can buy at the studio sale.

Prices start at $100 with the more crazy scribbles being about $1250. Message me to schedule a visit to the studio in Crown Heights Brooklyn.

If you visit I will make you a latte.



Added neon to the sculpture and added some new CDS cells and a power supply. Now it's just one plug. Oh this is a fun one!

This is a little snippet of it after it had been on for about three hours- it's usually relatively mellow, but has some nice bursts.

I want to add an electrically sensitive xenon wiggly aquamarine tube around the bottom.... And maybe mess around with what circuits the transformers are plugged into.

It's a Wild One alright!

Some spoils from bending yesterday. I made a new and better balanced Pink-Bo, a Citrus guitar wiggler, a ruby hand headstock wrapper and a cobalt blue carnival style wrap for the bongo toy. These are going on this hacked toy sculpture I am making.

I might remake the blue wrap to make it fit better. Excited to play more with mounting these and seeing how they interact with the light sensitive circuits below (and how said circuits might control these bright tubes)😃⚡🎉✨😋

Some things I made today for a bent toy sculpture- Aquamarine, lemon yellow, and raspberry 8mm. The colors are intense and bright!! The pink rainbow, PinkBoe, I think I could do a better job on. The rainbow needs adjusting- as nice as Raspberry is, it pales in brightness to the others. I think Coral Rose would be a good orangey pink to put there.

Excited to make some more- deep cobalt blue outline things and shaped citrus squiggly doodles and Ruby wraps coming soon!

The Free Intellectual Property Hotline is designed with the utopian idea that artists are the originators of new ideas. This hotline puts the user in contact with an artists studio in Brooklyn, NY. Your sure to get an original idea coming from an art hub city. Priced to maximize engagement- these ideas are for a limited time being given to all callers for free.

The sketchbook is used to record ideas given away and ensure there are not duplicate ideas present.


Some more things I have made. The YAY CCCFL bulb you can buy! Yes, its an actual lightbulb thats turquoise blue and spells out YAY. Message me if your in NYC and interested about that. I made the raspberry scribble for my friend Brooks, you can't buy that one.

Hello World, I make sculptures! Currently interested in commercialism, the ad tech industry, short attention spans, celebration, electricity and unsustainable things. I also have a custom neon light company called Nebula Neon. I am based out of Brooklyn, NY. Here are some sculptures and neon scribbley doodles I have made.... a preview of what is to come...


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