Here's an interesting read, “AI Data Laundering: How Academic and Nonprofit Researchers Shield Tech Companies from Accountability” by Andy Baio:

Some sketches for things to make.... This is a tricky one. Maybe it needs to be smaller and less lines (or two tubes).
10 inches wide and about 19 feet of 12mm tubing- one full tech 22.

How about 30 perfect weld in bend doublebacks consecutively? And with colored glass? Imperfect bends will break in the splash heat. Tricky stuff.... But a good challenge.

The middle of the circle will be the hardest part.

After all the drawing prompts humans have been giving to text-to-image models like #dalle and #stableDiffusion, it's time to turn the tables.

GPT-3 has generated prompts for humans to draw!
#botober #botober2022

Some photos from the Gas Filling Tube Suckers (GFTS) residency I did in Tacoma, WA. about a month ago. There is a photo of a little weld bendy coffee machine water meter accent during bending, as well as a photo it and of the properly neon covered coffee machine and a pointy on switch indicator light.

Also pictured are Galen Turner and I living the NOS energy life and a rainbow cloud doodle I made while there. What a blast!

Tonight! I and some of my work will be at the (I wish it was) Spring Break Art show/fair!

625 Madison Avenue in Manhattan on floor 11. See some really expensive office real estate turned into pop up galleries with artists from all over the world. 5 nights only! I will be there at 7pm on the first night.

These scribbles and doodles go nicely on a shelf or on the wall... Prices are going up so now is your chance to get a deal🔥

Hey Seattle - my friend Ben has a show at Method Gallery (open Saturday 12-4pm)

The gallery's at 106 3rd Avenue South.

Chicago! I am part of a group show at Ken Saunders Gallery. The title says it all. Openings on September 9th from 5-8pm and September 10th from 1-3pm. You can see two fancy 3D neon doodles and the first Wild One sculpture I have made post pandemic. All new work!
One of the scribbles shown was even on the cover of the Rolling Stone! It's made with all tubes that can't be bought commercially (don't break it)😉

A forbidden photo taken without a backing on my phone (apparently your not supposed to power it on with it disassembled) and a photo taken with a new backing- I even personalized it by scratching my name in.

New battery, new charge port and new glass- should be good for another 3 years. Ever since switching from iPhones I have been on a quest to make my phone last as long as possible. Gosh those screws are tiny!

A short clip of Michael Flechtner playing with his first gob of glass on the end of a punty. Yes he did gather that on his own- his first time

It was an honor being his TA while at Pilchuck- a dream come true indeed. I was excited to meet the other TA, Penguino as well as all the other students- you were all amazing! Thanks Bri Gluszak for the crash course in gathering!

Till next time

How we fix AV issues at Pilchuck-

When karaokeing on a hill in the midst of a 15,000 acre tree farm, we don't have time for connectors. Yes- it worked like a charm well into the wee hours⚡✨

Happy Birthday Minhi!!!!

Some photos of the finished neon tube cup I made with Sean Bradley. I cut and laid out the tubes and pitched the idea and Sean Gaffed the piece making sure it all went smoothly. Straight walls can be tricky with this can technique. It's neat to see the little tubes and phosphor bits at the top of the cup- a lip wrap would have made it more practical. I like the label on the inside😄.

A video of a neon tube cup being made by Sean Bradley at Pilchuck Glass School. The tubes get put on a plate and heated before being rolled up and shaped into a cup. Finished cup seen in the next post and exchanged in the cup exchange.

Some shots of a new two color zig zag wiggly double back square I made. We pulled these color tubes here at Pilchuck. Coated with phosphor I scraped from tubes here- Gold Ruby with red base backing and topaz with clear Brite yellow backing filled with moving beading Krypton. I ran out of coated tubing so the top is uncoated. Four color tests in one piece!

There are a few wonky bends in this one- but it's still for sale if anyone is interested.

A video of some electric diamond shears I just made at Pilchuck Glass School. Diamond shears are used to cut bits of glass without deforming them. Usually they are steel, but these are electric. One time use! Watch the exposed wires on this one- this video is made pre- insulators and fancy high voltage wires.

Yes it runs on a battery powered transformer✨⚡

Some tubes pulled here at Pilchuck with Matt Jacob and Sean Bradley. Gold Ruby and topaz and (not pictured) Hyacinth. Believe it it not, you cannot buy these colors of neon tubing- hence the trouble to pull them ourselves.

Backing them with phosphor will make them extra bright and intense! I have been on the hunt for the pinkest neon pink, most purple neon purple and the paradoxical neon brown for years- I think I am getting closer!

I escaped NYC to assist Michael Flechtner teach a 3D neon animation class at Glass School. It's still early in the class- we are at the moment before students start putting on electrodes and making the tubes light up.

I snuck something in before the tidal wave of incoming student tubes to fill- A Blue and Yellow Side Striped Coily Wrap Wall Sconce Doo Doo Pile! Been wanting to make one of these for awhile.

Yes, that is it's full title :)

A handful of "OP"s . Getting pretty good at making these- and skipping bends. They go to some fast food chains, but handfuls of neon parts can sometimes be pretty neat as an object....

The combination bends I am learning with these are pretty neat. Essentially learning to make beer sign lines. Super Advertisey...

hey can anyone out there help me find critical/theoretical writing on hardware modding? (especially on video game hardware, but any kind of consumer modification of industrially-manufactured products would work)

I know that (e.g.) Stephanie Boluk and Patrick Lemieux have studied video game modding from a software perspective, but I don't know anyone studying hardware mods in particular.

(doesn't need to be "academic," just looking for stuff beyond tutorials and enthusiast press)

(boosts ok!)

A little behind the scenes on the making of this blood red, black wrapped up coil of glass. Here it is getting oven pumped in a kiln barely big enough for it but light enough to fit on the pump table.

The bakeout is really nice- you can watch the rate of rise on the vacuum guage and up the temp in the kiln till it stops rising. Then flushing with neon a few times cleans it up✨.

I rarely get to oven pump- it can be convenient!

Awhile back there was a gallery that was going to put this in a show.... but I haven't heard back from them in months so its now part of the De-Zuck Yourself sale!

I have been wanting to make more of these fleshtone scribbles. They give off a really nice light, that you can come see in person, or for some extra money, I can use all my foam to send it to you.

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