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Right. And this is, like, the number three reason for defining BNF-style grammars for all protocols: if your protocol is subject to the halting problem, then it is a programming language (a weird machine) & that is in of itself a vulnerability.

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A reminder that the Internet Archive has a phenomenal collection of public-domain, freely-available books.

Such as "The Conquest of Bread"


Many still-under-copyright works are available, free, for check-out.

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I am up for an EISNER. Okay a thirteenth of one, the "Twisted Romance" anthology Alex DeCampi included me in is up for one.

If you make comics you're eligible to vote. Webcomics too!


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Novice artist: what kinda pen do you use?

Journeyman artist: the materials don't matter. Only the skill and intent.

Seasoned pro artist: for real tho what kinda pen

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I was surprised to see The Atlantic review a Taylor Swift album, but this line amused me:

"One of the most impressive things about Taylor Swift is that she keeps finding a way to offend people simply with sound alone."


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The amazing team creating Mirador is seeking an illustrator to make the box art. This is a paid opportunity.
I'm booked for the near future & was given the ok to share this. Reply w/ samples of your work or reach out to @MllePilgrim@twitter.com directly.

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I just noticed your profile says you make plushies. I have a RL friend who also does the plushie thing, but she hasn't got any side-business with it yet. She goes to little art fairs on occasion and sets up a booth, but it's not regular. Have you done anything like that, or are your plushies mostly through Etsy and other online venues?

"On the Internet, no one can hear you being subtle" -Linus Torvalds

I like that quote, but don't quite agree about his thoughts on anonymity



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