@_xhr_ Thanks for publishing that great article about installing OpenBSD on Pinebook Pro. Have you, by any chance, gotten the internal SD card reader to work yet?

HTTP, HTML and generally speaking the WWW began as such simple but remarkable protocols. And web browsers began as simple clients.

But today it would be practically impossible to write a new browser implementation.

If you care even just a little about the environment your priorities should be: no-use, re-use, up-cycle and last of all re-cycle.


Negative interest rates just affect central banks, right?? No. Today I got this email from one of my banks... Negative interest rates are real. Government money is forcing you to consume and wreck the environment. Buy . Think long term 🌱

Bitcoin is the most natural money there is 🌱 It’s in direct opposition to forced money (by governments). It’s aligned with time and nature because it’s scarce and new Bitcoins can’t be manufactured.

Bitcoin is discouraging consumerism and short-term thinking. Bitcoin is money for long-term and sustainable thinking.

Do you agree? Why, or why not?

This in an interesting article. As the environment crisis continues without any real solutions, I keep coming back to nuclear power as being part of the solution.


Chinese Alibaba is interesting. They’ve built a new RISC-V processor that’s faster than most ARM processors. And with the RISC-V architecture being completely open source, Alibaba is possibly looking to open source this implementation as well! phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new

Open source hardware and processing is making steady progress! QEMU just released improved support for RISC-V emulation which makes it easier to experiment with: qemu.org/2020/08/11/qemu-5-1-0

w000t! Got my first commit mention in the project with the 2020.08-rc1 release! Hopefully the first of many more! 🙂 lists.busybox.net/pipermail/bu

I will build something similar to this: 96boards.org/product/developer

I bought only the board so far. Will get and build the power supply, memory, case, etc separately.

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Just ordered the motherboard for a 24-core build server I will be assembling. Will be used for the OS builds I’m running. Was a while ago I built a computer from scratch. I should blog about this...

One thing I love with the fediverse, and Mastodon in particular, is that discovering new communities feel a lot more organic.

It's kind of like venturing out and discovering new places, but on the net instead of meatspace :)

A whole new world of small communities just opened up for me this morning when I discovered fosstodon.org

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