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How did you learn programming? I mean, you started somewhere ... where? And why?

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„Der eigentliche Witz ist, dass wir damals, in meiner Jugend, ernsthaft geglaubt haben, das Internet könne das Mittel zur Befreiung der Menschheit sein“

2021 (virtual) saw more participants from all over the world:
- Africa 23%
- North America 18.5%
- Latin America 6.4%
- Asia 23%
- Europe 26%
- Oceania 2%.
fe, at the 2019 Wikimania in Sweden, 68% of participants were from Europe

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Heute (Dienstag) um 19 Uhr ist wieder und du bist herzlich eingeladen.
Mehr Info auf
Übrigens, was fällt dir zu diesem Bild ein?

Master Ahmed is back😇
We are talking about 8.5 million dollar 💵 and 13 kg Gold 🥇

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Hey cool..... Man kann mit #Peertube Videos von #Arte importieren.
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Everyone knows that #BlackFriday sales are pretty awful, the prices are usually the same as the rest of the year! :eyeroll:

Why not donate to a nice Fediverse project instead? :awwwblob:

ActivityPub for Wordpress - Plugin which adds your Wordpress blog to the Fediverse

BookWyrm - GoodReads alternative

FunkWhale - Federated music & podcast platform

Mastodon - Twitter alternative

Mobilizon - Facebook Events alternative made by Framasoft

PeerTube - YouTube alternative made by Framasoft

PixelFed - Instagram alternative

Also shoutouts to WriteFreely (a Medium alternative) and Friendica (a Facebook alternative) which don't have donation pages, but which deserve support 👏


« Die "Bitcoinisierung" von El Salvador zu beurteilen oder gar zu verstehen, fällt Taaki schwer. Da es sich nicht um ein politisches, kein utopisches Modellprojekt handele, habe der Ansatz des mittelamerikan. Entwicklungslandes mehrere Schwachstellen »

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and ... is updated to Mastodon 3.4.4 🍾

Allein gestern hat es in Fitou mehr geregnet als in den gesamten 12 Monaten davor 🤔

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FOSSbros being shitty 

I am not a programmer. Despite that, I tried to contribute to an open source project. Big fucking mistake.

Despite making it clear multiple times that this is not My Thing™️, the dude reviewing my PR kept just, skirting around just calling me a fucking idiot. Started saying shit like "stop and learn what a force push is" and "at this point might as well revert everything" and posting screenshots of my commits 🙃

Ended up closing the PR and deleting the branch, as well as crying for a little bit afterwards. Fucking hell why did I ever think this was a good idea

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