How did you learn programming? I mean, you started somewhere ... where? And why?

- BASIC on my own, because i bought a Sinclair ZX81
- Pascal was in the curriculum
- C was in the curriculum, and then from a book to write an assembler for Zilog Z8
- Assembler Z8 from a book and using a hardware emulator
- C++ from books and colleagues
- Perl from books and the Internet
Then I changed into system and network administration. I program only occasionally these days.

I was 16 or 17 in high school about 1967 when I bought a book on programming Fortran IV.
A fellow student helped me steal time on a Univac 1107 that was jointly owned by NASA, Sperry Rand and the University of Alabama. It was a Saturday and the only other person using the computer was a NASA guy debugging a program to optimize the trajectory of the Saturn V moon rocket.
About every half hour, his program would crash and we would get a few seconds on the machine to run our little program

@hagen I got an AMIGA 500 from my parents and it came with a lovely book: "AMIGA BASIC". I read it, played with it, wrote little routines...


It was the TI-58 that helped me getting rid of repetitive tasks.

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