Sometimes there is an opportunity to buy a nice head. We will find a nice place in a thick wall for it 😉

China Teil 5 – Shanghai
Nächste Station in China ist Shanghai. Von Xi'an aus ist das eine Strecke von gut 1.300 km. Mit dem Zug dauert die Reise knapp sieben Stunden. Shanghai ist eine der grössten Städte der Welt, nach Tokyo und Delhi. Es hat etwa 24 Millionen Einwohner und eine Ausdehnung von 50km mal 50 km. Die Ausdehnung ist nur unwesentlich grösser wie Berlin. Wenn

It’s just a nice house and a blue sky and a palm tree and it’s sunny and I just had a croissant and a café au lait and I’m in love and it’s November ...

And ... drumroll ... door and windows are inbuild. The house is inside only 3 meters wide but it becomes more and more cozy.

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to use the existing “pillar” (the piece of wall between the window and the door on the last photo). It was rotten and consisted mainly of wet gipsum and stones covered with concrete. In total 1500kg btw. We needed somethi…

This photo looks a bit strange but it’s a great achievement. The two timber beams over the window and the door were not connected. The new door should be 20 cm more left because of reasons, so the pillar in the middle should be smaller. If the pillar bec…

Somewhere in the Meseta Central in Spain, between Madrid and Zaragoza near Guadalajara on my way home

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