🙌10 years after the opening of the large Carrefour in Claira, solar panels are now being built in the parking lot. Shadow and electricity! Great!👍


It's really nice to enjoy live on the beach 😎learn about (and think of all the interesting VR experiences in @europa_park)
/cc @cloudfest

Nach gutem Brauch die gute Nachricht. Es ist Dienstag und um 19 Uhr startet unserer
Komm mal vorbei 🤗
... weitersagen ... 😎

Today I was 2 hours in an exhibition with photos from photo journalists on topics like , , , , , , , and much more. My head was so full afterwards ... next week I will go there again!


👍 @creativefabien
The beauty of the Cathar castles 🤩 the Château d'Aguilar, a unique historical heritage, in the heart of Fitou appellation- This classified monument is included on the indicative list of French properties candidate for U… instagr.am/p/CErtHIqqySG/

Ich habe gestern Abend das Buch von @redzic_amir anfangen. Nach dem ersten Kapitel habe ich mich prompt in der Wikipedia "verloren" (Start -> de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosnien) um mehr über dieses mir doch eher unbekannte Land namens und dessen Geschichte zu erfahren

Wow - changed the Gartner Hype Cycle in 2020😉
Please update your Buzzword Bingo cards!
"Twenty-two technologies were removed or reassigned from this years’ Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies compared to 2019"

@larochelierre 👍❤️
Le jour se lève sereinement à Fitou, une belle journée de vendanges démarre !! instagr.am/p/CEUxBEpKTo_/

Heute waren @Der_Que @KELS_Ortrand @KOetke und ich dabei. Sibylle hat versucht reinzukommen, aber irgendwie hat es nicht geklappt. Und @Lea57146555 hat endlich einen Twitter Account 👍

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Today was a special weather situation, which is normally more common in October/November. A strong wind came from the sea and caused relatively high waves, which are rather rare in our area in summer. With a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius you could ex… instagr.am/p/CEH5jF8oSuY/

We just got a wonderful homemade bread as a present.
It smelled so good ... and now we have already eaten half of it in the lunch break - with butter and salt - so delicious

Thank you 😍 instagr.am/p/CD_VbRvqEsD/

Ansonsten habe ich von den Abenteuern der (noch nicht vollendeten) Zulassung eines rumänischen Gebrauchtwagens in Frankreichs berichtet 🥳

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