I'm sitting in the garden right now, listening to the birds chirp and I'm happy and satisfied.


@artfabrik_fr@twitter.com ・・・
✨ After having been closed for almost 2 years, ART Fabrik will reopen its doors again on 8th June at a different location in Fitou ✨

We have only 1000 inhabitants in but they are coming from more than 25 different countries (counting only the people I know). And sometimes, not planned, someone knocks on your door and you get fresh russian caviar, fresh norvegian salmon, german … bit.ly/2GE6fVt

While digging I found many big bones, plates, cutlery, a water jug, barbed wire, intact ampoules, chains and half shoes. I am curious what is to come.


If you need a new roof in a region like this ... just say something ☀️ ( Photo taken by @christinegraf@twitter.com )