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And ... drumroll ... door and windows are inbuild. The house is inside only 3 meters wide but it becomes more and more cozy.

After the three weeks road trip into my past I’m finally back home in Fitou. So happy to be back. High season is over. Tourists (and boats) are leaving.

Today, together with , I plucked flowers of dried lavender stems and then filled them into small bags. It smells so good.

I'm sitting in the garden right now, listening to the birds chirp and I'm happy and satisfied. ・・・
✨ After having been closed for almost 2 years, ART Fabrik will reopen its doors again on 8th June at a different location in Fitou ✨

We have only 1000 inhabitants in but they are coming from more than 25 different countries (counting only the people I know). And sometimes, not planned, someone knocks on your door and you get fresh russian caviar, fresh norvegian salmon, german …

While digging I found many big bones, plates, cutlery, a water jug, barbed wire, intact ampoules, chains and half shoes. I am curious what is to come.

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