The scaffolding is now on the other side (Rue Grizaud). As the house is on a slope, this façade is much higher (12 metres).

The façade facing Rue de l'Eglise is almost finished. The lower shutters are still missing and the box for the lavender still has to be painted

The house is being plastered over. First we cleaned it with a Kärcher, then everything was repaired and here @christinegraf throws the first layer of lime mortar on the facade.

The next construction site. Here the whole facade has to be replastered, the Genoise repaired, a gutter laid and shutters built.

The weather was really nice today. So the lunch break on the terrace took a little longer 😉. But a few cupboards, the fridge and the exhaust hood are already hanging 🙌

And ... drumroll ... door and windows are inbuild. The house is inside only 3 meters wide but it becomes more and more cozy.

So I'm just drilling holes in a thick wall (50cm). It dusts and makes incredible noise and It looks like an ego shooter (more ego driller 🙃). Is there actually a game where you drill holes?


Sometimes you are wondering about the strange smell in an old house ... this is last rat 🐀 we found 👍

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