So, that's a test what happens when I upload an 13mb mp4 file to my Mastodon instance

I managed the unlocking of the bootloader with . Works fine and costs 4 Euros.
Next challenge... formatting the encrypted data partition

@blub unfortunately it’s not possible anymore to request a code

My shiny Honor5x from 2016 gets no updates anymore. I tried to install . Turns out that Huawei don't give out codes to unlock the bootloader 🙄. Can anyone help?

Did I mention that I know COBOL and got some job offers last year 😎

“A colleague in 2018 summer said Drupal developers are the equivalent of COBOL developers of our era.”

“Here we go again? Not quite.” by

Today I did some shopping at Obi and Brillux in Freiburg and drove via routes national through France. This Fiat Panda is a wonderful little car and it drove like a charme ( you did a very good job 👏 👍). Tonight I’m on a campground in Charlie…

And here comes the reason for this journey - a Fiat Panda - summer time edition (with air condition 😎 🙌 🎉). The car offer had a typo in the headline “Panda Sommertime” (summer is English - Sommer is German). This is the reason for my super creative h…

Now I’m using a Tram. It is the 22 km (14 mi) long Thüringerwaldbahn (established in 1929), one of Germany's last traditional interurban tramway lines, to Bad Tabarz, Waltershausen and Friedrichroda. It’s sunny 😎 people are super friendly... still no…

Finally arrived in Gotha. The area where the “Hotel” is located looks a bit like blade runner style 🙈
Around the central station is ... well ... no one!

The had a delay of 45 minutes because of the border control thing. Luckily one can rely on - the train to has a delay too (60 minutes)🙄👍

Border control police with a dog stopped our bus and is looking for drugs. The dog stopped at me for a while 🙄 but decided then to go to the guy in front of me. They unloaded all the luggage, the dog was again looking for drugs and pointed with his f…

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