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Today I’m in Yunqi (Cloud) town for the Apsara conference.
Apsara was developed as a general computing operating system that could link servers all around the world together into one supercomputer, and transform computing power into a public utility.


Arrived in Shanghai. Compared to Beijing and Xi’an it feels very European. By accident (or opportunity?) we booked a very nice hotel in a posh area. While walking to the Jing’an temple we passed two super car dealers (Lamborghini and Ferrari) and uncount…

My first contact and my first steps into calligraphy. I wrote the sign for a dragon 龙 (and a few others in traditional Chinese). It’s a bit like programming. I really like it.

Today was an exciting day. I visited the mausoleum of Qin Shihuangdi. It is guarded by an underground army consisting of lifelike clay figures (soldiers, carriages, horses). They stand there and could come alive any moment, they look so real. It's incre…

“Ironie kommt beim Leser nicht an”
Henri Nannen

In China mussten Politiker und Beamte bis ins 20. Jahrhundert hinein gute Literaten sein, wenn sie Einfluss gewinnen wollten – und nicht, wie im Westen, gute Redner.

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