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Peaceful protesters on Hennessy street. The police consider it as an unauthorized assembly ...

Just arrived in Our hotel is in the middle of the protest area. Protests will start tomorrow at 1:30pm 🤔

The last three days we spent in Yandang Mountains. They are known for their natural environment,arising from its vertical rock faces and pinnacles, mountain slopes with forests and bamboo groves, streams, waterfalls and caves. The area also hosts several…

Jetzt fehlt nur noch ein Quantenphysiker, der mir Schrödingers Mönch erklärt (seht ihr ihn?)

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Today I’m in Yunqi (Cloud) town for the Apsara conference.
Apsara was developed as a general computing operating system that could link servers all around the world together into one supercomputer, and transform computing power into a public utility.


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