Freesung Part 3

Soft tears ,fluffy clouds and pillowed words
I beg crying tender ,sobbing words

Release me .. let me fly ...
For in your gilded cage is not my place to die.

Soft .
I ask
free me

Grey is my heart
and even now the rot
has turned to
a strange granite like softness.

Ny Paul watson

Freesung Continued

I beg , change your tack
Allow my heart to soar
to fly free and far
Allow my heart to bleed
to drip red and suffer raw.

Because in your controlled smothering darkness
You are turning my inner strength to weakness
Grey is my heart and even now the rot
has turned to strange granite like softness.

So let me go
free me fast
If you had a heart
you would not allow this pain to last

Ny Paul watson

Smothered by your worry
Suffocated by your passion
Caged by your wantings
and forever on freedoms rations.

Let me go ,
free my heart ,
let me be.
Take your hooks
and your knifes
and set me free.

Your indentured servant
your bedroom slave
For ever in emotional dept with you
until my end of days

Let me be
let me go
don't hold me back
I know you love me so.

By Paul watson

Latest Speedos , I took this phto on Copacabana beach in Rio a few years ago

Photo by Paul Watson

Mutterings of a Swift on an off shore wind.
On a cold night , just like tonight.
your thoughts fluttered and flapped under the icy blue air ,
you wished me love , you wished me peace
and each thought flew a gauntlet of your logical self suppressed inner belief ..
But those small fragile wings of hope ,tiny love fluttering wishes
, they found their way ,
over darkness an blustering winds.To warm my heart and make the sun shine on such a cold blue day.

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