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Preslar Art Initiatives is suspending its operations, focusing on planning for an improved and focused 2020 season.

2007 - The first fediverse project

2018 - Hello Pixelfed

12 years later, Canada is still pushing the fediverse forward 😉

#pixelfed #Laconica #fediverse #proudlyCanadian

RT have you read Finn Brunton’s “Digital Cash”? It’s quite good and I was on cypherpunks back in the day.


PNW Follow Friday: For Quiet Folks and Everyone Else 

The Long Game of Creativity: If You Haven’t Created a Masterpiece at 30, You’re Not a Failure

Quick updates:

1. The Preslar Art Initiatives web site is offline until further notice. It will reopen at a different place soon.
2. April Mitchell exhibit at Estancia Serenova is being extended.
3. We might have another popup exhibit during October. Stay tuned.
4. The new art magazine is being pushed back to autumn.

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