putin, nuclear, profanity 

A piece of protest art against Putin and his little friends, born out of rage of having to deal with idiots who think that we'll just cower in fear because they're showing off their nuclear weapons. I just want to instill a bit of courage with this one and to say to those cowards that they can take their bombs and go fuck themselves with them till they blow.

I'm giving this artwork to the public domain, spread it and do with it whatever you want.

#fckputin #MastoArt

Current shows at Chehalem Cultural Center in Newberg, !

Free admission.

Free (fare collection still suspended due to COVID) bus from Tigard Transit Center!
ycbus.org (look for route 44)

A Labor Day camp-out event to celebrate Estancia Serenova's history, land, community and friendship we have nurtured, and new beginnings!

Free but advance registration required.


#oregon #pdx

Visit a museum a day, virtually!

This new project takes you to one museum or similar attraction every day (one with a virtual exhibit or online collections).


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