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as social practice

"Bringing more women's stories into symbolic spaces... is an important step in laying the foundations for a cultural change that consolidates gender equality."

We'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some of the artists who exhibited at the former Preslar Gallery (at least the ones on Twitter) and encourage everyone to follow them:


Here's what's changing right now:

1. We've discontinued the gallery as of today.
2. We will still have special events at this summer as time and space permit.
3. This fall, we're shifting gears to a quarterly art magazine.

As we announced earlier, the Preslar Gallery has now evolved into the Preslar Art Initiatives as of today! We're going beyond the gallery walls to promote the emerging .

The #art related Mastodon stuff will now be found on its own timeline for the Preslar Art Initiatives: follow @preslarart #pdxart

This instance is (hopefully) about art, creativity, critical thinking, fun, travel, camping, renovation, coding and diy.