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I have been tweeting this everyday.

Will you join me?

Over 5700 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women -

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I run a small online business and I use the USPS for all my shipping. I probably mail 100 packages a week, and have been doing so for years.

I don't think most people understand the scope of what has been happening over the last month or so in terms of delays.

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I hope that beautiful person seen walking down the street (with a plate of food) in that video last year is doing well. I think about them sometimes.

I hope that beautiful person seen walking down the street in that video last year is doing well. I think about them sometimes.

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We need your help! Missing child alert!
Da'Shawn Miller, 16, was last seen on July 5 in Marietta, . He may be in need of medical attention. Have any info? Call 1-800-THE-LOST.
RT his info please. Let's bring him home safe!

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My dear friends little brother Da’Shawn Alexander Miller is currently missing
He is 16, 5’6, slim built, brown eyes, black hair with a blue durag
Last seen with a white man in a blue pickup truck with the tag “PRT300” near Mercedes Benz Stadium, Atlanta GA, heading towards I-20

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MISSING TEEN: Janieliz Sanchez was last seen on June 15th in Chesterfield, The 16-year-old is described as a Hispanic female, about 5 feet 2 inches tall, & 115 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. If you see her or know where she is, call Crime Solvers - 804-748-0660.

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Imagine your relatives have joined a doomsday cult.

There are 2 goals:

1. Get your people to leave the cult
2. Stop the cult from blowing up the world

#1 is about persuasion. #2 is about power.

#2 IS THE PRIORITY. We must remove their power to blow up the world.

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This thread is amazing!!!!

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I always find the “Africa is better off from the results of colonization” arguments amusing. What do people think happened with African empires & their European counterparts prior to colonization? Perhaps a history lesson is in order. Thread. 1/17

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This essay was initially supposed to focus on the documentary "On The Record," but I wrote more broadly about last week and my frustrations that a lot of Black men are failing Black women and that we all need to push ourselves to be better. bit.ly/3daSxrF

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The Postal Service is an integral part of our democracy. As we advocate voting by mail to ensure safe and secure elections, we must fight for better resources for the USPS, so that our communities and our workers are safer and better connected.

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Breonna Taylor’s name is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this please reply/quote/tweet on your own.


The investigation of an Internet folklore

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That beekeeper heart honeycomb image. A thread.

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